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Woodhouse Day Spa – Dublin, OH Review

January 30, 2020

When I had my bridal shower last year, a couple of my bridesmaids got me a special treat: a spa package at the Woodhouse Day Spa in Dublin, OH.

The plan was to do a spa day before the wedding to help me unwind and relax but that didn’t quite happen as planned. 

So, I decided to schedule it a bit later and planned it right before our honeymoon to Australia. I figured right after I finish my last day of work before the big trip would make the most sense, to truly and fully unwind. 

When I arrived, I entered the building and one of the team members took me upstairs via the elevator and I was handed a luxurious robe and a pair of flip flops! This wasn’t my first time at this spa, but I still feel so fancy each time I go there. I was asked if I wanted a cocktail and thought…why not! I went to the changing area and locked my clothes and purse away and was greeted with a mimosa, then headed to the quiet room for a few minutes while waiting to be called back.

I started at 9:00 with a pedicure followed by a gel manicure, which I added on. I had such a pleasant conversation with my manicurist, Kevin. He told me all about how he had his own business and now him and his wife both work side by side together. It was great to chat and relax with the massage chair. The color I picked out was popping and perfect for Australia!

Then, I went in for a facial at 11:00 and had great conversation with Gabriela. As I still had a sinus infection, she surrounded my face with nice hot towels and put steam in my face. I did forget that they pluck the little blackheads and whiteheads out of your face, so that did slightly take me by surprise. This was only my second ever facial but it was a great experience. 

After my facial, I had an hour break in between my final service, which was a massage. Gabriela took me to a separate, more secluded quiet room area since I had such a large time frame in between my facial and massage.

She asked if I wanted to order lunch in so I ordered some food, which was brought up to me about 20 minutes later after it arrived. They also got me another glass of moscato. 

I unplugged during that time period and put in some of the ear plugs that they offered for guests. I honestly never even knew they had them but when I was talking to another gal about my upcoming trip, she said I needed to grab a pair before I left for the long plane ride. 

She was right. They are now my go-to set of ear plugs, far superior to the ones that the airlines provide.

The hour passed quickly and then it was time for my massage with Alissia! The room was gorgeous and unlike any other massage room I have ever seen. 

The massage started out with some aromatherapy which, again, was definitely needed due to my sinus infection. Then a phenomenal scalp massage had me in pure relaxation mode. This is the first massage in my life I have had where I didn’t talk. I just was so zen that I didn’t feel like talking. 

The hour felt longer than an hour, which was great. After the massage, I had one more glass of moscato then headed back to the quiet room to relax for a while before heading back downstairs. 

This day was one of the most relaxing days I have had in my life. Now, don’t get me wrong…it was definitely pricey but the experience was well worth it.

I headed downstairs to check out. The area has a shop where you can purchase boutique items like bath bombs, essential oils, supplements, and more.

As I get older, experiences are worth so much more than material goods. This whole experience costed $410. While the gift certificate I had made this much more affordable, I made a pact to myself that I need to try for one spa day like this a year because taking care of yourself is so important. If you don’t, who will? 

If you are in the vicinity of a Woodhouse Day Spa, make an appointment and check it out. If not, find another spa near you and treat yo’self!

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