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Visiting Grindelwald Switzerland

February 7, 2021

If you are looking for some adventure during your trip to Switzerland, you absolutely need to check out Grindelwald. This charming village in the Bernese Alps has plenty to do, even if hiking up the Eiger does not tickle your fancy.

Visiting Grindelwald Switzerland

How To Get There

The easiest way to get to Grindelwald is via train. If you are planning on visiting multiple cities during your trip, it is a good idea to look into getting a Swiss Travel pass. This will save you a LOT of money in the long run versus purchasing individual train tickets. And the best part is you can choose how many days you will be travelling to get the most bang for your buck.

Then, you can use the SBB app to view timetables via your smartphone. Some of the stations have free wifi but it is a good idea to take screenshots of the train times before you leave your hotel. One thing to note is that trains are rarely late, so you do need to arrive to the station a few minutes early so you don’t miss your train!


Grindelwald-First Top of Adventure

Once you arrive in town, you will see signs to help direct you to where you want to go. If you are an adventurer, check out Grindelwald-First.

Want to zoom across the air in a glider? You can do that! Prefer to speed down a mountain in a mountain cart? That’s an option, too!

You can also do bike tours or hike to your hearts content! And those are just naming a few of the things you can do at First!

The views are also absolutely incredible. You will truly feel like you are living in a postcard, in the midst of massive clouds. Every now and again these clouds will swoop by and everything will look as if it is in a fog!

In the clouds

For the height lovers out there, First Cliff Walk is a must.

“The terrace rises 45 metres out into the void. In order to reach it, visitors must first climb to dizzying heights on the west side of the First summit: on the First Cliff Walk presented by Tissot, not only is the view into the valley beautiful, so is the view of the mountainside: the rocks with their layers and niches serve the as a take-off and landing place for the alpine choughs.”

-Grindelwald First website
On the edge

Take a stop in Bort, which is one of the middle stations in which you can take a gondola cart down to. The views from here look something similar to a scene out of “The Sound of Music”, and if you catch a photo just right…you will look like a giant over the village!

Mountains in Grindelwald
In the clouds

Hit The Slopes

Okay, we can’t talk about a Swiss mountain without discussing places to ski! Grindelwald First also has its’ own ski resort. If snowboarding or skiing is your thing, check out the Grindelwald-First ski map to see all of the different routes!

Where To Stay

There are multiple places you can stay at in this ski resort town. One option that is highly rated is Hotel Belvedere. While pricey, you are sure to find gorgeous views!

Another (slightly more afforable) choice is the family owned Hotel Gletschergarten. Every room has either a balcony or a terrace!

Before leaving Grindelwald Switzerland

Despite it being chilly being at the top of First, when you make it back down to the town area, you will find that the sun actually makes it quite warm!

Stop by Gelateria di Marco and treat yourself to some delicious gelato before you train to your next Swiss destination. There are a bunch of little shops to visit, as well, which you might as well see since the trains sometimes are not as frequent later in the day!


All in all, if you are a hiking aficionado or just are an adventure junkie, Grindelwald, Switzerland is definitely somewhere you need to make a stop at!

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