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Tips When Losing Your Hair

April 26, 2021

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When I was a kiddo, I had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. More on this in another post down the road because I haven’t really talked about this much before, as I am not my past cancer diagnosis but a happy, healthy 30 year old now!

Looking back at photos from when I was granted a Disney trip from Make A Wish, I see a sweet little girl chubby cheeks, who always had a hat on. Back then, I had no concerns over losing my hair since I was a toddler. My mom always told me how sad and nervous it made her, though – so she always dolled me up in hats and cute hair accessories. 

While beauty is within each and every one of us and I firmly believe that, there is nothing wrong with admitting that our hair helps us feel confident. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had incredibly long locks. My hair grew back insanely thick after I ended treatment and I never have had it cut past my shoulders (okay, one time in college I had it cut *just* below my shoulders and absolutely hated the style! I just love my long hair.) I am grateful that I have such beautiful and long hair after having it all fall out when I was younger – so I think subconsciously, that has something to do with it!

Fast forward just over 20 years and a very, very good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. She had a difficult journey and thankfully, is in remission. She also wore adorable hats that suited her so well – and ended up rocking the short hair style as it started to grow back. 

So if you are going through treatment or another medical condition that is causing you to lose your hair, what options do you have?

It depends if you identify as a woman or a man – but there are some awesome options for everyone. Because losing your hair is a difficult thing no matter who you are.

Tips for Women

  • Find a wig that you love
    There are so many different types of wigs out there, as well as styles. Did you know that some insurance companies will actually help cover the cost of a wig if you are going through cancer treatment? There also are options like bang attachments, halos, or toppers that are available versus a full wig. The American Cancer Society has a great resource page that breaks these options down. And heck, this may be the perfect time to try a style that you never thought you would be able to pull off. 😉
  • Try out scarves
    If you think wearing a scarf is only for the wintertime, think again. Scarves can be an easy way to add some fashionable flair while still looking cute when suffering from hair loss. Check out this page on the ACS for tips on wearing scarves when going through chemo.
  • Choose a cute, comfortable hat
    The word comfortable is the key hair. Oftentimes your scalp may be sensitive and feel itchy – so trial and error is key. If it is winter, opt for a hat that is “snug” but not too tight to ensure you are not losing any trapped heat on your noggin! My BFF had so many different styles when she was going through cancer. You can find ones with buttons, jewels, rhinestones, etc. So you are surely able to find one that suits your style! They also make hats with hair attached if you prefer that over a wig!

Tips for Men

  • Wear a hat
    Just like with women, hats are a great option for men, too. There are different styles for men so trying a few different options is typically a good bet!
  • Scalp micropigmentation (SMP)
    Did you know that there is a non-surgical way for men who have permanent hair loss to have the appearance of having hair? Enter scalp micropigmentation, which implants an organic pigment (basically like a tattoo) into the skin in order to give the illusion that you have a buzz cut! The cool thing is you only need a touch up every 5-7 years! We actually have an SMP studio right here in Columbus, OH: Ohio SMP Studio. Check out a before and after from them below. If you aren’t in Ohio, you can find one near you by doing a quick Google search.

    This is something that does take more time but for many, it is worth it to reduce the possibility of hair loss. Click to check out their scalp micropigmentation review and the videos to see and read what the client’s have to say about it! 
  • Scalp cooling
    This is an optional form of therapy that is done via a cooling cap. The patient wears it prior to therapy and also afterward. Patients are much more likely to lose their hair during this type of therapy. Read more about scalp cooling on Mayoclinic

    Overall, at the end of the day you need to do what makes *you* feel most confident. Do not worry about anyone else but you! If you are currently going through treatment, big hugs to you. If you simply have hair loss not due to illness, also big hugs to you. And if you currently are not suffering from hair loss, simply be grateful for what you do have – you still get a hug, though! 😊


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