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The Flowerman Review: DIY Wedding Flowers in Columbus, OH

October 24, 2019

When Nick and I started our wedding planning, we decided we were going to do centerpieces without flowers.

So that meant all we just needed bouquets for me and the gals, boutonnieres for the guys, and a few corsages.

As we were paying for our wedding ourselves, affordability was a high priority. There are so many flower shops in the area and online that I began entering a research laden adventure to find the perfect florist to suit our needs and price point.

I almost purchased from one of the online floral shops that would deliver right to your house a few days before the big day. Nick did not like the thought of this because of the chance that if the flowers are messed up, we would be in trouble. I usually weigh risks heavily (I mean, I do work in the insurance industry…) but was almost ready to take a gamble on this. I thought it through and figured Nick was right. It wasn’t worth the possibility of the flowers not arriving on time, arriving wilted, or worse yet…not arriving at all.

Please note: This is a true review and I was not asked to write this nor paid. I simply just want to share my experiences for fellow brides-to-be!

Cue The Flowerman…

I started asking around and found that almost every single person that I spoke to who recently got married or was getting married recommended the same place: The Flowerman.

The Flowerman offers a few different options to suit every brides budget and creativity. AKA: If you don’t want to shell out big bucks in order to have the pros do your flowers for you, you can sign up for a DIY Construction Party.

What’s that, you say?

Well…you bring a group of friends, drinks, snacks, and work with a floral coach a couple days before the wedding and have an ABSOLUTE blast.

Then, you either pick your flowers up the morning of the wedding or pay a bit extra to have them delivered.

Initial Consultation

We went in and met with our floral expert, who knew far more about flowers than I could ever imagine. She asked me questions about what kind of flowers I was looking for and I pulled up some photos of what I had in mind.

I loved the lighter pinkish/peach colored roses, as well as the garden rose look. However, I knew garden roses were probably outside of my price range and I was okay with that. Our consultant showed me colors and flowers that would look similar to the design I wanted without breaking the bank.

There was a fall special at the time of our booking so our grand total for all of our flowers was under $300. That included:

  • 1 bridal bouquet
  • 5 bridesmaid bouquets
  • 1 toss bouquet
  • Petals for our flower girls
  • 7 boutonnieres
  • 2 corsages

We were sold and paid in full that day!

The Construction Party

Our wedding was on a Sunday so we were slated to do our DIY flowers on the Friday beforehand at 8:30 am. Nick and three of my bridesmaids joined me and we headed to The Flowerman’s Columbus office. Did I mention Nick is amazing for volunteering on his own to help out with the flowers? Love this man more than anything! 🥰

There were about 8-10 other brides lined up outside the door right at 8:30, which is when they open. It was a fun environment just with all of the anticipation and excitement in the air.

Once we entered the warehouse, we found a table with my name and met our floral coach, Stephanie.

All of the flowers and greenery that we would be using was already laid out for us nicely and Stephanie gave us a lay of the land. She explained where to find brooms to sweep up, how to start the bridesmaids bouquets using hydrangeas as the base, and how to stem eucalyptus leaves!

The greenery was one of our first tasks to make sure we got the leaves and sprigs ready for action!


I had a separate first order of business: Picking out some roses for the bridal bouquet. While I worked on that, two of my bridesmaids started working on the greenery and the bridesmaids bouquets.

The roses that were not going to be used in my bouquet were split out with each set of hydrangeas to be used for the other bouquets. There were peach shimmer roses, beautiful pink spray roses, and white lisianthus flowers. Combined, they would soon turn into a soft and romantic bouquet.

Start of bouquets
MOH doing bouquets

To help make sure my bouquet was perfect, Stephanie helped me in designing my bouquet every step of the way. I know zilch about flowers so I sincerely appreciated her guidance in explaining what each flower was alongside important tips, such as how to remove leaves from the spray roses.

Time was flying and my bouquet was starting to really come together!

Bride working with floral consultant

Meanwhile, Nick and my cousin Cindy started working on the corsages and boutonnieres. Fun fact…I met Nick through Cindy!

Stephanie showed them how to put them together by arranging the eucalyptus leaves, putting a spray rose in, then twisting a wire through.

It looked way easier than it actually was since I ended up attempting to help with a few, too!

Laid out roses
Groom helping with corsages

We were only about an hour and a half in and things were off to a great start. I was digging the vibe as all of the other brides alongside their friends and family were all working toward a common purpose: Getting those wedding flowers ready! 

You could sense the excitement in the air!

I started to talk to Stephanie about how she got into the wedding flower business and she told me she actually was a bride herself who used The Flowerman. She fell in love with flowers after that experience and the rest was history!

As we talked, Sarah and Stacey continued making the bridesmaids bouquets.

Bridesmaids creating bouquets

Seeing my best friend holding her bridesmaid bouquet was an emotional experience. We met when we were 10 years old and now, 18 years later, Stace was about to stand right beside me as I married the love of my life. 

MOH and flowers

I continued on with my bouquet with the help of my floral coach. They honestly looked a lot larger than I anticipated so I was pretty excited about that!

I really started to feel like a bride when holding my flowers. And not gonna lie…I didn’t want to put them down.

A quick photo opp then back to finish the bouquet!

Bride and start of bouquet

Soon enough, it was time to add the greenery into my bouquet! I felt like it was a bouquet fit for a princess.

Stephanie let me decide if I liked the sprigs in or out of the bouquet. I went back and forth a few times but thought they added a little garden-esque vibe to the flowers. The girls agreed. So let it me done, I opted to leave the sprigs in.

another close up

Then it was time to finish the rest of the girls bouquets. We wrapped the ribbon around the stems and stuck pins in to hold the bouquet together. Then, we snipped a criss-cross cut at the bottom of each hydrangea stem.

Stephanie taught us how important it is to do this. Due to how hearty the hydrangea stems are, this type of cut allows for maximum moisture consumption in order for them to stay beautiful and wilt free. 

The more you know! 

We finished up the corsages and boutonnieres and at that point, everything was done! Only two and a half hours after we got started. Not too shabby, eh?

The Final Product

When all was said and done, the flowers looked beautiful. The labor of love we put into them was well worth seeing them in their finished glory.

We did one final check through all of the flowers before signing off on our order. 

Bride with flowers
Completed Flowers

Flower Close Ups 2

The Wedding Day

On our wedding day, Nick was supposed to pick up the flowers at 10:00 AM but The Flowerman had a slight issue they were working on resolving. I got a call that they would end up delivering the flowers to us later that day and remained as calm as could be. Nothing goes perfectly on your wedding day, so you need to roll with the punches!

However, the team at The Flowerman made sure I received my flowers and their customer service was excellent in making sure everything worked out.

The flowers turned out beautifully and I felt like a true princess on my wedding day! The whole experience was a blast and so memorable, as opposed to simply having a stranger deliver your flowers…I had a great experience with a few of my girls and my now husband (it still feels weird yet so awesome to say that…husband 😊) and will always cherish that memory.

If you are looking for a florist in Columbus, OH…you will not be disappointed if you choose The Flowerman!

Bride and bridesmaids with bouquets
Close Up bouquets Wedding Day

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