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Scholarships For Cancer Survivors

June 6, 2022

Today is the first Sunday in June, meaning it is National Cancer Survivor’s Day!🎗

Last month made 25 years that I have been cancer free from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. 🙌

I’m so very thankful to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for treating me from when I was a wee 2.5 year old to today. I have a special affinity toward CHP not just for my cancer treatment…but because they also treated me for my brain tumor (craniopharyngioma) and made sure I transitioned to an amazing adult endocrinologist at UPMC when I hit my early 20’s. That being said, I *still* drive out to Pittsburgh for my oncologist and endocrinologist visits from Columbus because they are that amazing!

And while I have been in remission for a very long time, the long term follow up (LTFU) team at Children’s still wants to ensure that their survivors have the best possible quality of life in adulthood! Dr. Tersak is my oncologist and she is beyond fabulous – and always willing to answer questions I have about my current health status as well as any long term effects questions I would have. They also got me enrolled in St. Jude’s LTFU program, where I’m not a participant advisory council member to help share feedback and insights to help other survivors!

As a part of Children’s LTFU program, they send out newsletters via email from time to time to keep us up to date on current happenings and events. In the most recent newsletter, Dr. Tersak and team shared some links to scholarships for survivors!

If you are or know a survivor who could benefit from a scholarship, please check out and these below links:

Scholarships for Survivors of Childhood Cancer – A list of scholarships is available.

Friends of Scott Foundation: Scott Delgadillo College Scholarship – Scholarship program designed to provide funding to survivors who want to continue their education through technical school, vocational school, junior college, or a four-year college or university.

Cancer Survivor’s Fund Scholarship – Post-secondary education scholarships available for childhood cancer survivors based upon the applicants’ personal hardships, including financial and emotional considerations as well as academic qualifications.

National Collegiate Cancer Foundation Scholarship – $1,000 competitive awards for young adult cancer survivors between the ages of 18-35.

Ryan Mullaly Second Chance Scholarship – Variable amount scholarship available to a childhood cancer survivor younger than 22 years of age who was diagnosed and treated for cancer between 13 years of age and last year of high school, and entering an accredited college.

The Ruth Cheatham Foundation Scholarship – Scholarships are offered to childhood cancer survivors or current warriors undergoing treatment between the ages of 17-26.

I hope this list is helpful – and to all of the survivor’s out there – you are amazing!



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