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A Formal Introduction: Bentley & Avery

January 8, 2019

Before I get started here, you can follow the adventures of Bentley & Avery over at

I am 100% a cat lady at heart and have been since I was a little girl. My pap (who lived to be a month shy of 103!) had a farm where people just dropped off cats. Pap never got upset at this and made them feel right at home on the farm. I still remember all of the cats running from all around the vicinity of the farm when they heard him coming out to feed them. Of course, he took as many cats inside the house as he could and loved those little kitties so much.

While I say I am a cat lady…I love all animals. I’m the kind of person who will watch a sad Facebook video about an animal and start crying. Even if the video turns out to have a happy ending. But cats just have a special place in my heart.

In college, I had a very special kitty, Harbor, who I will write about in a separate post down the road. She was my “heart” kitty, that one special cat that I still get choked up thinking about. I only had her in my life for 3 short years, as I adopted her when she was 8 years old and she had CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) when she was 11. I did everything I could for that little kitty, including nightly sub-q’s. After about a year of fighting CRF, Harbor lost her battle.

I was heartbroken. Beyond belief. My best friend and former roommate, Stacey, helped out so much with Harbor during those last few months (and giving me support I needed) so after she passed, we went on a getaway to Atlantic City just to decompress and clear our minds.

Not long after we returned from our trip, the girl I adopted Harbor from advised that one of the cats she recently brought into her life who was 6 months old at the time needed a new home because he was terrified of the dogs. Stace and I went to visit Bentley and immediately fell in love. At the same time, she asked if we would be interested in adopting his brother, too. Avery was not afraid of dogs but I hated the thought of splitting these two litter-mates up. I reached out to our landlord to see if there was any way he could make an exception and explained that I had lost my kitty who I loved with all of my heart about a month and a half prior.

He agreed! Enter Bentley and Avery 

For the past five and a half years, these cats have brought tremendous joy into my life. They are the funniest and most ornery boys around (in my humble opinion, of course.) Bentley is all grey and Avery is grey with some beautiful white markings!

We live in Columbus, Ohio now and sometimes they are sweet and exhibit brotherly love like this…

Brotherly Love

They have a dedicated cat wall, two cat condos, a water fountain, and I could go on.

We have a room in our house dubbed “The Cat Room” just because it is their domain.

They even appear on my Snapchat more than I do. Even if I do appear, a cat usually still ends up making the cut, tpp (see photo of Avery giving his best “I’m not looking at the camera” model shot.)

Avery and Me

Avery and Bentley both have a very unique personality. Avery is more of a “HIIII, LOVE ME” type of cat and #livesforthepets, as Nick says. He will run to whatever room you are in and just rub up against you until you pet him. He is also quite skiddish.

Bentley on the other hand, is more of a “sup, bro” kind of dude and spends his time hanging on the couch or on his window perch in the cat room. Until I head to bed. Then he hops up to the foot of the bed and catches some z’s. In the mornings, he will meow at me and proceed to lightly bite me until I wake up to feed him.


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