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Well, hello there! My name is Tiffany and I am the creator behind Dreaming of Deltas.

Seine River

So here’s where I tell you some random fun facts about me. Who doesn’t love them some fun facts, am I right?

1. I’m an insomniac

Right around the time I was about to start college, I developed chronic insomnia and really, that is the “why” behind the name of this page. I am on a constant mission dreaming of those elusive delta waves.

Over the past eleven years I have tried it all: Ambien, Lunesta, CBT, Herbal supplements, and the simple stuff, too. All to no avail. I went to a sleep specialist about in 2015 and was diagnosed with Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder. Basically, my circadian rhythm sucks. I recently wrote a post after visiting yet another sleep specialist: Chronicles of an Insomniac

2. I’m a Yinzer at heart

If you don’t know what a yinzer is, click here. I was raised in the Pittsburgh area and my heart will always be in the ‘burgh.

That being said:

  • Salads should always have fries on them.
  • It’s not a wedding without a cookie table.
  • The Eat’n Park Christmas Tree Commercial is hands down the best Christmas commercial, ever.
  • There’s no view quite like the one you see coming out of the Fort Pitt Bridge.

3. I went to school for Political Science

I originally went to the University of Pittsburgh to study Pharmacy. When I realized math and science were not really my thing, I scrambled to find something that was. I decided to learn more about political science. Growing up, I was clueless about politics so I decided to learn. I thought I would go to graduate school to work for the government or go to law school.

Graduation Photo

Well, after graduating I decided I did not want to go into massive debt. That being said, I ended up working in retail sales for a little bit before finding my way into the insurance industry! While my degree didn’t actually end up correlating to my career, I do not regret going for PoliSci one bit as I was able to learn about a subject I knew nothing about. Plus, the critical thinking skills obtained with a liberal arts degree assist in any field!

But don’t worry, I promise not to post anything political because I’m not about that life.

4. I got engaged in the Swiss Alps

Nick and I met in 2014 and I moved out to Columbus to be with him in 2016. In August of 2018, we went on an amazing trip to France and Switzerland. During our time in Switzerland, Nick proposed on a beautiful Swiss mountaintop!

It definitely was the trip of a lifetime and made an already amazing trip that much more memorable! We got married in September of 2019 and I have a few posts about the wedding(s) here!

Engagement Ring Swiss Alps
Engagement Photo

5. I’m a #catmomforlife.

No, for real. I love my boys so very much and you can learn more about how they entered my life here. I even have an Instagram for my boys, Bentley and Avery: The Grey Brothers. Follow them for cuteness overload. Who doesn’t need that in their life?

That’s enough about me!

If you want to get in touch, you can reach me here!