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Kate Spade wedding shoes & Nina block heel

April 5, 2020

So your wedding is coming up and you have no idea what shoes to wear? If you typically avoid heels but want that bridal feel for your wedding shoes, you’re in luck! The classic Kate Spade wedding shoes are sure to have you comfortable but still styling for your big day! Likewise, the Nina Elenora block heels will give you some height while letting those puppies breathe!

A few notes: Photos are by Chasing Eden Photography. Featured photo from wedding video is from Blue Skies HD Video. There are affiliate links included, so if you would decide to make a purchase…I would get a very small percentage! 🙂

Keds X Kate Spade New York Triple Glitter Sneakers

The Kate Spade wedding shoes are a partnership with Keds and, boy, did they knock it out of the park! They will still give you some height but without sacrificing comfort.

Wedding shoes

I ended up wearing these for my wedding reception and they did not disappoint. 

I do want to note that these shoes are a bit narrow if you have slightly wider feet. While my feet were slightly cramped, they still felt 10x better at the end of the night than if I would have had heels on! I recommend ordering them a few months out before your big day so you can try them on and see if they will work for you.

They still offered the support I needed once I switched out my block heels (below) that I wore until the reception dinner was served.

Check them out here: Kate Spade Keds Triple Glitter Shoes

If you do *not* need a little bit of a height boost, the champion version of the glitter shoes are a great choice: KateSpade Keds Champion Glitter Shoes. They are more like a pair of flats but still have the gorgeous glittery sparkle that every gal wants on her wedding day.

Nina Elenora Block Heels

So while I was super pumped about the Kate Spade glitter shoes, I still wanted to feel “bridal” when it came time for the ceremony. 

For those who feel heels are not at all comfortable but REALLY want to wear some on your wedding day, these will be your saving grace.

The brand “Nina” has a number of options that are uber cute and actually pretty darned comfortable. 

Out of all of the choices, the Elenora sandal offers the most stability. I purchased these since I knew I’d be walking in the grass and I didn’t want to be sinking in the ground! 

Note: It ended up raining on our wedding day, which actually made for a perfect fairy-esque wedding.They were still the perfect choice, though. I have zero regrets.

While offering comfort and support for the balls of your feet, they still have the “heel” vibe that you are looking for.

Check them out here: Nina Elenora Sandal

That chunky base will keep you upright and you need not fear going viral for face-planting when walking down the aisle.

They also will allow you to successfully last from when you are getting ready all through your vows and, realistically, some of your reception. Even if you are not a heel gal by nature!!

You can see how much height they give you below. My amazing photographer caught me mid-laugh, which made for a pretty cool photo.

At the end of the day, these shoes were the perfect choice. Not only was I able to last in them until the reception dinner but I also wore them for the second ceremony we held for my grandma.

The really cool thing is that they can be worn again and again, not just on your wedding day! To me, that’s a win!

You can purchase the shoes here:

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