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Islands in the Whitsundays: Hayman Island

April 12, 2021

If you’re searching for islands in the Whitsundays and are unsure which one to holiday at then look no further. Imagine this – stunning blue waters with some of the lowest tides you’ve ever seen, a poolside cabana with barely anyone around, and sulphur-crested cockatoos stopping by your balcony to say hello.

These are just a few of the amazing things you will find on Hayman island. InterContinental will make sure that you are immersed into a luxurious experience unlike any other.

Getting to Hayman Island

The easiest way to get to most islands in the Whitsundays is by flying to the Great Barrier Reef airport in Hamilton Island. This is roughly a 2.5 hour flight from Sydney.

After arriving at the airport, staff will greet you and take your bags as you enter your chosen transfer option, a private helicopter ride or a luxury yacht transfer.

If opting for the luxury yacht transfer, canapes and unlimited sparkling wine will await you for the one hour ride.

When you arrive, resort workers will welcome you with “The Hayman Wave” before your individual guide will show you around the entire island and take you to your private room.

Accommodations at Hayman Island

No matter which room you choose at this luxury resort, you will not be disappointed.

Each room is decorated in a contemporary manner with bathrobes and a separate bathroom, as well a luxurious dressing room. Turndown service is included and hotel staff will add a touch of kindness with chocolates or water each evening.

This is what you can expect for pricing for the various one bedroom rooms:

  • Retreat King Room – Private terrace, garden, and outdoor shower: 1,520 AUD per night (~1,176.09 US Dollars)
  • Lagoon King Room – Private balcony with lagoon views: 1,520 AUD per night (~1,420.64  US Dollars)
  • Pool access suite – Direct pool access: 3,230 AUD per night (~2,459.95  US Dollars)
  • Beachfront Pool Villa – Private plunge pool and outdoor terrace: 5,320 AUD per night (~4,054.88 US Dollars)
Room view

Dining Options at Hayman Island

There are multiple options for dining on Hayman Island – breakfast is included but the prices otherwise are a la carte, meaning that they are not including in your lodging.

For two, you can expect to pay roughly $60 for lunch and around $100 for dinner.

Note: If you are looking for a quick and more cost effective lunch, check out The Grove Boutique & Café. You can get lunch for ~$15/person here.

Amici Trattoria

Adorned with fairy lights, this Italian restaurant is quite romantic and rustic. Check out the pasta bolognese dish and the bruschetta bread appetizer – you will not be disappointed.


This restaurant overlooks the stunning ocean and whether you are dining for breakfast or dinner, you will not be disppointed

For breakfast, Pacific is exquisitely set up with fresh fruit, a juicer, pastries, and scrumptious made-to-order omelets. Surely the most decadent breakfast that you will have ever experience.


Check out Pacific for dinner for their seafood night or any other night for their usual menu.

One thing to note about dining here, the cockatoos will try to snag your food! This cheeky little bugger below took a sugar cube right out of the sugar dish!


Bam Bam

This Asian fusion restaurant will surely become your favorite for lunch and dinner. Situated next to the infinity pool, you can relax in your cabana and order lunch and a cocktail.


This restaurant is only open from 11 am – 5 pm but is a great spot for a seafood lunch, salads, and cocktails while overlooking the Hayman Pool.

Things to Do On Island

There are so many on and off island activities – ranging from relaxing to adventurous, so there is something for everyone!

The beach

Walk along the beach during the low tide, which you can find tide tables for online. The Whitsundays have some of the most extreme tides in the world. Walk along the shore and you just may find little snails and creatures searching for new shells – or maybe even a stingray!

The Infinity Pool

Arguably the most relaxing spot on the resort is at the infinity pool. Grab a cabana on either side of the pool and lay your towel out for max relaxation. Hop into the warm, shallow area or the take a plunge into the deeper area, which is much colder.

Relax on a cabana chair or float in the infinity pool to see an amazing beachside sunset. At night, you will also see little black specs up in the sky. Believe it or not, these are bats!

The Iconic Hayman Pool

The Hayman pool is shaped like a hexagon with a walkway-like bridge that those in the pool can swim under! This side of the resort is where the poolside rooms are, so guests in those rooms can dive right into the pool!

Complimentary Activities

During high tide, you can try any of the following activities: catamarans, Pedal Boards, Paddleboards, Kayaks, Canoes, and Windsurfers.

For first time paddle boarders, take the tip that a fellow guest shared: be sure to always look ahead at the horizon, not down at your feet.

Some activities do depend on how strong the wind is but hours of operation will always be listed by the activities desk near the beach.

Things To Do Off Island

Whether you want to be in the water, on jet skis, whisked off to the private Whitehaven beach, or even taken on a seaplane adventure…there are endless options on Hayman Island!

Introduction to Scuba Diving

Great for first time divers, you can opt for either a half day or a full day intro class. The captain will take you to Butterfly Bay on Hook Island where you will see some beautiful coral and colorful fish while on your diving adventure. You also get a chance to snorkel, as well!

Sunset Cruises

Enjoy snacks and refreshments while on your cruise on none other than a luxury yacht. Stunning views of the sea and sky await you. One thing to note is that seeing a beautiful sunset is not guaranteed, as it depends on the weather and cloud coverage.

Blue Pearl Bay

This snorkeling escapade is “self-guided” in which you are dropped off at the Bay (with safety gear, such as a phone and vinegar for jellyfish stings) and you able able to snorkel for roughly two hours before being picked up and taken back to Hayman. You are given a stinger suit, if you wish to use it, and the resort staff highly recommend that you do!

This bay is a “coral beach” meaning it is very rocky and there is no sand, so ensure to wear water shoes.

An Island Surprise

If you are not from Australia, you may be surprised to find that cockatoos are all around the island! And not only are they in the Whitsundays but wild cockatoos are actually all over Australia. And they sure are cheeky little buggers!

Be careful when you open your balcony doors because they will surely try to sneak in to steal a snack!

Hayman Island: Your next luxury vacation

If you are looking to immerse into the incredible islands in the Whitsundays, be sure to start with Hayman Island. The staff, food, and island activities will be experiences that your will never forget.

For a more detailed personal review of my experience at Hayman, check out Honeymooning on Hayman Island!

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