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5 Must Haves For Your Cat

September 24, 2022

I’m a total cat mom and definitely spoil my cats. Over the years, I have bought them so many useful (and useless) things. Sometimes they love what I bought them…and other times they turn their nose at it and walk away, tail high in the air.

That being said, there are a number of items that I would highly recommend to all cat moms (and cat dads) out there. These are things that my (picky) boys actually use and love. 

1. Petsafe Drinkwell Original Water Fountain

The Petsafe Drinkwell Original Water Fountain is a definite must have for your cats. 

Cats usually do not drink enough water on their own and can become dehydrated relatively quickly. This is why it is SO important to feed them wet food as opposed to dry food, as wet food is primarily composed of water.

Keeping your kitty adequately hydrated is so crucial. I know this first hand, as my little Harbor had renal failure. I did sub-q fluids every day just to keep her hydrated. If you have a kitty with CRF, I highly recommend checking out Tanya’s CRF Guide. That and a Yahoo CRF support group helped me immensely when Harbor, my heart kitty, was battling CRF.

After I lost her, Bentley and Avery entered my life. I promised myself I would do whatever I could to keep them as hydrated as could be. Enter pet water fountains.

Why a water fountain? Well, cats are seemingly more intrigued in running water versus still water. They innately crave moving water and are much more likely to drink from a fountain than a dish of water. 

When purchasing a fountain, be sure to also research the type of filters that you will need. Also, change the filters frequently and clean the fountain regularly.

I also recommend the following two fountains that I have had in the past: 

Catit Flower Fountain – This fountain is beautiful and Avery loved it…but Bentley wasn’t as intrigued so I purchased the Drinkwell Original. He definitely preferred this fountain.

Drinkwell Multi-Tier Fountain – The tiered version of the Drinkwell fountain is also great, however, after a few years of use…I wanted to try something new (which is why I first went with the Catit, then purchased the Drinkwell Original.)

2. Da Bird Cat Toy

Okay, guys….the Da Bird Cat Toy is one the boys OBSESS over. The second Bentley hears the cabinet open that houses the toy, he comes running.

I had never heard of this toy until a few years back when Nick told me his parents used to get this toy for their cats. It makes a “whoosh” sound as the feathers hit the air and that sounds drives our kitties wild!

This toy is truly one of their absolute FAVORITES.

We will literally run around the house while Bentley and Avery chase the toy. This is their favorite toy, hands down.

3. Couch Shaped Cat Scratchers

2 meowches

Okay, so I call these couch shaped cat scratchers “meowches” and I actually wrote an entire post dedicated to these amazing little pieces of cat furniture: The Best Cat Scratcher the Doubles as a Lounger! The Meowch.

Bentley & Avery absolutely love their cat couches and honestly chill on their meowches and the meownger more than they do our actual couch! 

Not to mention, they’re an adorable add to any cat mom or cat dad’s living space!

The lounger version pictured below is perfect if your cat likes the sprawl out or is a bit bigger.

Avery cat scratching lounger

4. The Furminator

Okay, this one sounds way more intense than it actually is. The Furminator is an *amazing* brush for helping rid your kitty of excess fur.

I have tried so many cat brushes over the years and this one has been the best one out there.

While Avery and Bentley are litter-mates, Bentley does not shed nearly as much as his brother. Avery constantly needs brushed or else he ends up with hairballs. While I know they are normal, I hate seeing him hacking up hairballs because it just looks so uncomfortable.

Cue this handy dandy little tool, which is equipped with a “fur release” button. It has a stainless steel edge that doesn’t hurt your kitties skin (Avery actually enjoys it and nuzzles it every time we brush him.)

5. Go Pet Club Cat Condo

The reason that I love these Go Pet Club cat condos so much is that they are actually relatively affordable and there are SO many to choose from. Not to mention they come in a variety of different colors. 

Cat condos really do help add enrichment into your cat’s life. Not to mention, cats LOVE being perched up high above their humans (they enjoy looking over their domain) and often feel much safer way up high.

Our Go Pet Club condo is the perfect height where they can just hop onto the raceway (which is a part of our cat wall.)

Bonus: Cat Wall

The cat wall I just mentioned has been an absolute hit with Bentley and Avery. It actually attaches to your wall and serves as a jungle gym for your kitties. They can climb, scratch, and run across the cat wall and raceway. The cat wall is a bit pricey but is totally worth it if you want to totally spoil your cats!

You can learn more about it here: Cat Wall = Cat Win.

If you have any questions on any of these purrrrfect products, please feel free to add a comment below! 

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