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4 Tips to Prepare For a Move

October 7, 2021

Post sponsored by Bearded Brothers Moving Company

This past weekend, my husband and I were talking about how we have accumulated SO MANY THINGS since moving to our house 5 and a half years ago and how we are going to have to go through a major cleaning spree before we move next year. We aren’t quite sure where in Columbus we will be moving but we definitely want to upgrade from our current starter home.

Here are some of the things we will be keeping in mind when we make our next move. I hope they will also help you whether you are moving now or in the near future!

1. Decide prior to moving what you want to keep

A big mistake many people make is waiting until they are already moved into their new home or apartment to determine what needs to be donated, pitched, sold, or kept. Planning ahead what needs to stay and go in the weeks leading up to the big move can ensure you are starting out in your new home clutter free.

For example, Nick and I talked about planning to do this roughly a month in advance of our move so that we can start deciding what to keep, donate, and pitch before moving to the new house. And will also be slowly doing this throughout the next 8 months before moving. 

2. Prepare pets for the move

Moving your furry friends is an important task, too! When you are moving boxes in and out of the house, ensure indoor cats are safely tucked away in a spare room. Have the carrier or dog leash ready to go, as well. 

For longer trips, talk to your vet in case your pet has car anxiety. 

This is a mistake I will not make again – on our trip from PA to Ohio when I moved to Columbus, the kitties were so afraid and it made for an awful trip. I wish I would have had some medicine to keep them calm and will be keeping that in mind in the future.

Pets also know when something is changing and can sense anxiety – so try your best to stay calm around them before a move! 

3. Hire a professional moving company

There is enough to do when it comes to moving. Save yourself the time and heavy lifting of loading up a rented truck or van and instead hire experts. Professionals also help with ensuring your belongings make it from point A to point B safely and efficiently!

If you are in the Youngstown, OH area (or near the Youngstown border of Ohio and PA), check out Bearded Brothers Moving Group, LLC – they are a moving company with a 4.9 star rating on Google and have plenty of happy customers! You can get a quote online by going directly to their website!

Image from Bearded Brothers Moving Group

This Youngstown Ohio Furniture Delivery also offer non-moving services, such as picking up and delivery of large items to assist you in making your move run smoother. This service is perfect for when you are buying new furniture after a move but need to have it delivered yourself.

Bearded Brothers is also a proud sponsor of Panerathon in the fight against Breast Cancer!

If you are not in the Youngstown area, be sure to always check reviews on Google to ensure you are finding a quality moving company!

4. Overestimate the amount of time it will take to unpack

It is all too easy to think it will only take a day or two to get everything unpacked and organized but this goes back to the “planning ahead” as mentioned previously. It is better to take an extra day or two off of work, if you are able to, versus planning to get everything unpacked over the course of a weekend to save yourself the stress of putting everything in its place. 

Even with already going through your keep, donate, sell, or pitch pile, you are certain to still find things from your keep list that you cannot find a space for straight away and there are always those unforeseen trips to the hardware store waiting for you! 

And if you finish unpacking early, you have some time to unwind and relax in your new space!

At the end of the day, when it comes to moving, everything really boils down to planning. Planning what needs to be tossed, preparing the pets for the trip, hiring a professional in advance, and having ample time set aside to unpack.

So if you are looking to move sometime in the near future, save this post so that you can be as prepared as possible for your next adventure!

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